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       PULPO Co., Ltd. was founded in the year of Syowa 47 (1972 ). The main products of the company have been “Southern Frozen Fish” especially in the production of octopus and cuttlefish for over 30 years. During this period, CANARY FOODS Co., Ltd. was founded in the year of Heisei 1 ( 1989 ), which main business is fine production of fish products. SEPIA SEAFOODS Co., Ltd. was founded in the of Heisei 5 ( 1993 ) and its main business is in export and import of raw fish materials coming from Mid-east and New Zealand, which makes it simple for trading programs. With the help of the pioneers of Japanese seafood and food industry, the Production Branch of Shandong Weihai was founded in the year of Heisei 7 ( 1995 ), which main business is to enhance the second and the third fine production of the cuttlefish. The company is known as the famous brand “Sushi Syokunin” of cuttlefish products in Japanese seafood and food industry in the year of Heisei 8 ( 1996 ). WEIHAI SEPIA FOODS Co., Ltd. was registered and founded in the year of Heisei 11 ( 1999 ).

       With the help of everyone, the sale achievement of PULPO GROUP reached 13 billion yen in the year of Heisei 13 ( 2001 ). The whole employees ( including long-term jobber ) are over 250. We express our thanks to everyone for their help and kindness to make us to achieve the present excellent result.

       The Group is centered by PULPO and make the “ fresh, safe and ease ” the company's basic policy by mastering the advanced information and enhancing the import and export of the qualified seafood all over the world. We will continue to try our best to develop new products and create colorful food culture. It is both for the social development and our ideas of our company. This will make our business advance continually.

       We are looking forward to getting your help and care.