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Boiled Octopus Whole

Boiled Octopus Whole

Boiled for raw material,flavor pure and adulterated.

Boiled for raw material,flavor pure and adulterated.

Type Packing
2octopus 5kg
3 5kg
4octopus 5kg
5octopus 5kg
6octopus 5kg
7/8octopus 5kg
10/12octopus 5kg
13/15octopus 5kg
20/25octopus 5kg
3octopus 10kg
4octopus 10kg
5octopus 10kg
6octopus 10kg
7octopus 10kg
8octopus 10kg
10octopus 10kg
12octopus 10kg
15octopus 10kg
20octopus 10kg
26/30octopus 10kg


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